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Triton Tools TDJ600 710W Dowelling Jointer

Double dowel drilling with 710W motor and 1 1/4″ spacing. Simplifies furniture and shelving construction. All-metal mechanism and gearing for long life. 0-90° angle adjustable fence. 0-1 1/2″ fast setting of drill depth. Precision rack and pinion mechanism for accurate height adjustment. Clear 3-line viewer enables easy set up with rapid repeat operation. Insulated handle with hex key storage. Includes two 5/16″ (8mm) dia drill bits.

Product Features

Precision rack and pinion system allows accurate adjustment for material thickness

Variable setting for drill depth meets precise requirements of each joint

Double drilling for fast accurate jointing

0-90° fence adjustment for a wide range of reliable and accurate angled joints

Jig teeth for exact drilling of repetitive holes at pre-set sizes

Clear, calibrated viewer enables precise set-up and drilling

Front bail handle increases control and grip

Dust port allows connection to an extraction system for a cleaner, safer working environment

Trigger on/off switch positioned for easy access

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