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Grizzly G0891 15 inch 3 HP Fixed-Table Planer with Helical Cutterhead

The G0891 15″ Fixed-Table Planer with 4-row helical cutterhead features a unique fixed table height design which allows for a permanent infeed/outfeed roller table setup. This can significantly boost efficiency in production settings.

The 15″, 4-row helical cutterhead comes complete with 48 indexable carbide inserts that can each be rotated three times to expose new, sharp cutting edges.

The inserts sit at a slight angle to the workpiece for a shearing action that leaves a glassy smooth cut even on the toughest of woods.

A 230-volt, 3 horsepower motor powers through cuts up to 1/8″ deep at full width or 3/16″ deep on material up to 6″ wide.

The 2-speed gearbox allows you to choose between 16 and 28 FPM for a smooth finish or high-production feed rate.

The headstock sits atop a sturdy four-column support with easy handwheel height adjustment thanks to twin gas struts that provide lifting assistance on either side.

The G0891 offers additional features such as a thickness scale, a large top-mounted handwheel, cabinet-style stand, cast-iron extension tables, angled dust port, and magnetic switch with thermal overload protection.

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