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Dewalt DWV015 10G Dust Extractor

The DWV015 10 Gallon Wet/Dry HEPA Dust Extractor with Automatic Filter Cleaning provides a powerful dust collection solution that allows users to be in compliance with current 1926.1153 OSHA dust regulations. The dust extractor delivers up to 155 CFM suction, with 73″ static water lift. The automatic filter cleaning system initiates filter cleaning continuously every 30 seconds. Pairing the powerful dust extractor with fleece vacuum bags (DWV9402) and a 99.97% efficient HEPA filter (DWV9330) provides even more protection against releasing harmful dust into the work environment. This tool comes Tag Ready so users and companies can attach the DEWALT Tag (sold separately) and track its location virtually anywhere via the TOOL CONNECT System through the DEWALT Site Manager app. For added convenience, the 10 Gallon.


A powerful and efficient motor delivers 155 CFM of airflow for maximum suction performance in a variety of jobsite applications.

The Storage Accessory Rack interlocks with TSTAK and TOUGHSYSTEM Storage solutions to provide the user with additional storage, mobility and durability in real jobsite conditions. Durable latches allow for quick, easy connection between the storage box and the dust extractor vacuum and maintains connection when in motion over rugged jobsite conditions.

Equipped the DEWALT AirLock system to minimize dust exposure and cleanup on the jobsite.

Automatic Filter Clean pulses every 30 seconds for continuous operations without stopping to clean filter.

Power Tool Actuation controls the On/Off operations of the vacuum with a power tool.

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