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Triton Tools TBJ001 5.9A Biscuit Jointer

Powerful 760W/5.9A biscuit jointer with cast-aluminium base, fence and drive housing. Produces fast, strong joints for furniture and shelving construction. All-metal gearing for long life. 0-90° angle and 0-40mm (0 – 1-9/16”) height adjustable fence. 6-position turret stop for easy biscuit size selection. Compatible with #0, #10, #20 and S6 biscuits. Hinged base for easy blade change and cleaning. Dust port, insulated handles, non-slip pads and removable fence. Includes blade, pin spanner, hex key, dust bag and 75 biscuits (25 x #0, 25 x #10 & 25 x #20).

Product Features

6-position turret stop for easy biscuit size selection

Precision cast-aluminium construction for durability and long life

Hinged base provides easy blade change and cleaning

Creates attractive strong joints to build beautiful long-lasting furniture

Non-slip pads and removable fence for work pieces of different shapes and sizes

Dust extraction through blade housing keeps the blade cutting optimally

Smooth mechanism ensures precision cutting and improved safety

Insulated handles for operator comfort and safety

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