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Metabo HPT G18DSLQ4 18V Lithium Ion Angle Grinder

The G18DSLQ4 is lightweight, compact, and cordless! Available as a tool body only, it is compatible with all Metabo HPT 18V Lithium Ion slide-type batteries. The grinder can cut rebar or pipe, groove stone or concrete, or grind metal and masonry.

Same Tools, New Name. Metabo HPT is the new brand name for Koki Holdings America – formerly part of the Hitachi Group.

High torque motor to power through the toughest cutting and grinding applications

Overcurrent protection circuit shuts down battery power in the event of an overload situation, reducing the risk of causing permanent motor damage

Zero voltage safety reset prevents accidental start-up when inserting a charged battery

Elastomer covered handle for a less fatiguing and slip resistant grip

Externally accessible brushes for quick and easy replacement of worn carbon brushes


Depressed Center Wheel  (727535B10)

Side Handle  (318312)

Spanner Wrench  (938332Z)

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