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Shop Fox W1745 Jointer with Mobile Base

The oversized fence on this 6″ Jointer provides tremendous control for edge-jointing wide boards and features a rack-and-pinion adjustment mechanism. The fine-adjust handwheel dials in the outfeed table relative to the cutterhead top dead center. The lever-adjusted infeed table provides quick and accurate infeed table movement. Made of rugged cast iron.


Motor: 1 HP, 120V, single-phase, 13A

Maximum stock width: 6″

Maximum depth of cut: 1/8″

Maximum rabbeting capacity: 1/2″

Cutterhead diameter: 2-1/2″

Knives: 3 (HSS) 6″ x 5/8″ x 1/8″

Cutterhead speed: 4800 RPM

Table size: 6″ x 46″

Table height from floor: 32-1/2″

Cuts per minute: 14,400

Fence size: 5″H x 35″L

Fence adjustment: positive stops @ ± 45 degrees & 90 degrees

Overall dimensions: 46″ L x 27-1/2″ W x 37-1/4″ H

Approximate shipping weight: 280 lbs.

Certified to CSA and UL standards

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