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Skil PL5938-1A PWR CORE 20 Brushless 20V 3-1/4 in. Planer Kit with PWR JUMP Charger

SKIL PWR CORE 20™ Electric Planer Set. The high performance SKIL PWR CORE 20™ Brushless 20V 3-1/4 Inch Planer is ideal for creating a smooth surface on an otherwise rough piece of lumber, beveling edges and even reclaiming old wood. It’s also used for leveling wood thickness to your project’s requirements, thus eliminating the need to order boards of custom thickness. The planer kit includes with a PWR CORE 20™ 4.0Ah Lithium Battery and Automatic PWR JUMP™ Charger.

What’s Included: Planer; 4.0Ah Battery; PWR JUMP™ Charger; Parallel guide; Dust bag; Spanner; Rebate fence

20V WOOD PLANER KIT—Includes a PWR CORE 20™ 4.0Ah Lithium Battery and PWR JUMP™ Charger.

BRUSHLESS MOTOR—The digital brushless motor provides efficient, high-performance power, delivering up to 14,000 RPM.

PRECISION PLANING—The smooth kickstand prevents the blade from scratching finished surfaces and has convenient on-board wrench storage.

CLEARS DEBRIS—Dual left or right chip exhaust keeps your workspace free of sawdust.

LONGER RUN TIME & BATTERY LIFE—Industry leading PWR CORE 20™ lithium battery technology wraps each cell with cooling material to keep the battery powering on for 25% longer run time and 2X battery life.

CHARGES IN 5 MINUTES—Automatic PWR JUMP™ charges the battery in just 5 minutes, or 100% battery in 50 minutes.

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