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Skil SC5364-00 PWR CORE 40 Auto PWR Jump Charger

Industry-leading innovation from SKIL charges faster and more efficiently than ever. Auto PWR JUMP™ charges the battery from zero to 30% in just 15 minutes, and fully charges within 60 minutes (based on 2.5Ah battery). The charger manages each cell in the battery to control temperature and maximize battery life. Fueled by the performance and innovation of the SKIL PWR CORE 40™ System, the Auto PWR JUMP™ 40 Volt Charger will ensure your tools are ready to go.

What’s Included: Charger

15-MINUTE CHARGING – Auto PWR JUMP™ charges the battery from 0 to 30% in just 15 minutes (based on a 2.5Ah battery).

LED STATUS LIGHTS – Show charge status of the battery, so you know how much time is available.

PWR CORE 40™ SYSTEM – Charges all SKIL 40V lithium batteries.

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