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Grizzly G0453Z 15 inch 3 HP Planer with Spiral Cutterhead

The G0453Z 15″ 3 HP Planer with Spiral Cutterhead recognized ahead of the rest of the 15″ planers tested by WOOD Magazine for its combination of clean cuts and the ability to control snipe.

The 4-row spiral cutterhead with 74 German-made indexable carbide inserts cut some of the finest surface finishes money can buy.

Each insert can be rotated up to three times to expose a new sharp edge for superior finish.

Reducing the cut to the size of a single insert makes for a cleaner cut and reduces noise compared to the traditional straight knife cut.

The 3 HP motor spins the cutterhead at 4800 RPM to plane your stock up to 15″ wide by 8″ thick, cutting as deep as 1/8″ per pass.

Additionally, the G0453Z features a built-in mobile base, adjustable bed rollers, two-speed automatic board feed, and solid cast-iron extension wings.


Board return rollers

Pedestal-mounted control panel

Built-in mobile base

Adjustable bed rollers

Rubber-coated outfeed roller

Built-in lifting rods

Angled dust port hood

Magnetic switch with thermal overload protection

Four-column support with table locks

Precision-ground, cast-iron table and extension wings

Heavy-duty cast-iron construction

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