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Bosch GTB18V-45N 18V Brushless Hex Screwgun

The Bosch GTB18V-45 18V Brushless 1/4 In. Hex Screwgun is designed to get the job done comfortably and fast, without the power cord, when driving drywall screws. This light screwgun features a well-balanced ergonomic grip ideal for comfortably holding the tool, allowing the thumb and the index finger to control the operation. It features Xtend Drive, an intelligent lock-on mode that activates the motor only when the bit senses pressure The tool remains operational but is quiet between screw activations, increasing runtime while decreasing noise. The screwgun has been designed to keep the user’s hand closest to the work material, for max control. And it features a retractable depth gauge, so the user doesn’t have to remove the cone on the tool to reverse out a screw. With an efficient brushless motor, this tool delivers 4,500 max rpm to drive drywall screws into sheet rock, gypsum board and metal or wood studs. This variable-speed screwgun features an easy-to-use lock-on switch and an LED light.


Screwgun features balanced ergonomic grip and compact build

Convenient retractable depth gauge and efficient brushless motor

Xtend Drive increases runtime, decreases noise

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