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Triton Tools TSPST450 3.5A Oscillating Spindle and Belt Sander

Double configuration with fast easy changing between spindle sander and belt sander. Dual-action rotating and vertically oscillating for fast sanding and improved work rate. 0 – 45° tilting table for easy chamfering and edge work. 5 x sanding sleeves from 1/2″ – 2″ diameter and 4″ x 24″ belt sander provide maximum versatility and work rate with both intricate, shaped plus standard workpieces. Powerful 3.5A motor. On-board storage for all accessories. Vented throat plates and under-table dust extraction channel. Easy bench mounting or freestanding operation. Paddle on/off switch with removable disabling key. Supplied with belt sander unit, 5 x throat plates, 3 x drum washers, 4 x drums, 5 x sleeves, 4″ dust port adaptor and spindle wrench.

Product Features

Large cast aluminum table with 0-45° tilting front section for flatness, accuracy and strength

Rotating and vertically oscillating sanding action for the perfect balance between work rate and control

5 x sanding sleeves (1/2″ – 2″ dia) and matching drums provide maximum versatility with intricate, shaped workpieces

All metal belt sander unit with easy belt change provides maximum workrate with straight and shaped workpieces

On-board storage slots keeps accessories with the tool for rapid mode changing and convenience

Vented throat plates and under table dust channel for optimised dust and chippings extraction providing a cleaner and safer working environment

Bench-mounting holes for safe and secure installation especially when using larger workpieces

Fast and easy switching between spindle sanding and belt sanding for optimised sanding of any workpiece

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