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Triton Tools TJS001 750W Pendulum Action Jigsaw

Powerful 750W/ 6.5A motor with 3-stage pendulum action provides incredible cutting performance. Dual axis grips allow the tool to be held with both vertical pressure and horizontal direction control. Constant speed under load for optimised motor control even under high load. Presettable 800-3000spm variable speed. Tool-free quick release blade change and bevel adjustment (0° to 45° L/R). Cutting capacity wood 110mm/ 4 5/16″, steel 10mm/ 13/32″ and aluminium 25mm/ 31/32″. Includes 3 x high performance blades, base cover, parallel guide, Triton track adaptor and soft case.

Product Features

Dual axis grips and balanced body design keep the tool on the workpiece, and move the tool with improved stability

4-position mode selector with 3-stage pendulum action for optimised, fast cutting and reduced wear on the tool and blades

Constant speed under load maintains a stable cut rate with improved results over conventional jigsaws

Tool-free, quick-release blade change with T-shank bayonet mounting for fast blade changes and compatibility with a wide range of blades

Non-trigger variable speed control and sliding on/off switch with lock-on for easy pre-setting of speed without having to maintain trigger pressure in use

Includes 3 high-performance blades for curved cutting in wood, high-speed cutting in wood and plastic, and straight cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Includes Triton track adaptor for short internal/pocket cuts, cut-outs with straight edges below the length of the plunge saw blade or cuts to an exact length

Includes parallel guide for easy parallel cutting with fast set-up

Includes soft case with slot-in accessory organiser for easy portability and protection of the tool and all accessories

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