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South Bend SB1109 20 inch Planer with Helical Cutterhead

Designed with the exacting tolerances your shop demands, the SB1109 20″ Planer with Helical Cutterhead is top of its class in precision workmanship and dependability.

The helical cutterhead delivers near mirror-smooth finishes right out of the gate. It consists of four rows of 92 indexable carbide inserts, each angled slightly to produce a shearing action.

This shearing action results in less tearout in highly figured woods and quieter operation—and the planed surfaces are far superior to what you’ll get with straight-knife or other 20″ spiral cutterheads on the market.

Other high-end features include a digital table height scale for ultra-precise and consistent thickness adjustments, precision-ground cast-iron tables, and triple belt drive—everything that makes this planer truly live up to the South Bend name.


Digital table height scale

Variable feed speed dial on control pedestal

Extra-large ball bearing return rollers

Heavy-duty precision-ground cast-iron extension wings

Pedestal-mounted controls with magnetic switch and thermal overload protection

Internally mounted motor

Four heavy-duty support columns

Anti-kickback fingers

Drive gears run in oil bath

Triple belt drive inside housing

US based customer service and technical support

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