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Skil RS5825B-10 PWR CORE 20 Brushless 20V Compact Reciprocating Saw with Battery and Auto PWR JUMP Charger

Take on tough jobs with confidence and precision with the SKIL PWR CORE 20™ Brushless 20V Compact Reciprocating Saw. This cordless reciprocating saw comes equipped with patented technology and innovative features that make it ideal for HVAC/mechanical contractors, electricians, carpenters, framers, plumbers, remodelers, and fire and rescue crews for increased productivity and performance on the jobsite. The tool features a brushless motor that delivers uncompromised performance while allowing for a compact, lightweight design. It has a variable speed trigger and a 1” inch stroke that produces up to 3,000 SPM, a pivoting shoe to stabilize your cuts, and a dual LED lighting system to illuminate your work area for safety and convenience. The counterbalance gearbox provides vibration dampening to allow for greater precision and control, while the tool free blade change capability provides swift changes on the go. Whether you are cutting through metal, PVC, drywall, wood, or electrical conduit, the SKIL PWR CORE 20™ Brushless 20V Compact Reciprocating Saw will tackle the job at hand.

What’s Included: Compact Reciprocating Saw, Wood Cutting Blade, 2.0Ah Battery with USB, Auto PWR JUMP™ Charger

DIGITAL BRUSHLESS MOTOR – More power for heavy-duty applications with precise control over speed and torque

LONGER RUN TIME AND BATTERY LIFE – Industry leading PWR CORE 20™ lithium-ion battery technology wraps each cell with cooling material to keep the battery powering on for 25% longer run time and 2X battery life

POWER ON THE GO – PWR ASSIST™ mobile charging keeps your devices up and running while you are on the go, while the Automatic PWR JUMP™ charger delivers 25% battery in as little as 5-minutes

CHARGES IN 5 MINUTES – Automatic PWR JUMP™ charges the battery in just 5 minutes, or 100% battery in 50 minutes

COUNTERBALANCE GEAR BOX & PIVOTING SHOE – Maximum precision and control with reduced vibration to perform smooth clean cuts

VARIABLE SPEED TRIGGER – Provides maximum precision and control

DUAL LED LIGHTS WITH PRE-LIGHT AND AFTER-GLOW – Top LED illuminates an upper surface when cutting pipes while lower LED casts a vertical line when cutting walls or vertical board

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