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Ridgid RE 6 Cable Termination Tool

The RE 6 Electrical Tool, featuring the patent-pending RIDGID QuickChange System™, incorporates a moveable collar that lets contractors quickly and easily switch between three rugged, interchangeable heads with 360° rotation: the SC-60C Scissor Cutter Head; the 4P-6 4PIN™ Dieless Crimp Head and the PH-60B Knockout Punch Head. The RE 6 eliminates the need to carry multiple, dedicated tools to the jobsite or completely switch from one tool to the next, which increases efficiency and maximizes productivity.


Interchangeable heads allow for the tool to be customized to meet individual needs – cut wire, crimp lugs and punch boxes with one tool.

Inline design for easy, one-handed operation even in tight spots.

Built-in sensors and LED indicators ensure tool performance, monitor battery life and indicate when the tool requires service.

3-in-1 tool saves valuable cargo space and eliminates trips back and forth to the truck searching for different tools.

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