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Ridgid R4030S 7 in. Job Site Tile Saw with Laser

RIDGID introduces its new 7 in. Job Site Wet Tile Saw with included stand. This is the most affordable pro saw on the market. This saw’s powerful 9 Amp, 1-3/4 HP motor, best-in-class cutting capacities, die cast aluminum table and heavy duty arm all come standard on this saw. Every feature on this saw is innovative and the definition of quality for a pro tile saw. The Deep Well Wave Wall will extend the life of your pump and the removable water nozzles maximize water efficiency to the blade while cutting. This equals better cutting for a longer time than competitor saws.


Powerful Motor – heavy duty motor powers through natural or manmade tile and pavers

Oversized Cut Capacity – 24 inch rip, 18 inch diagonal and 2-1/4 inch depth

Exactline® Adjustable Laser Alignment System – assists operator in accurately aligning cutting wheel with cut line

Full Coverage Splash Guard – splash guard captures water from the cutting wheel to minimize overspray

Miter Guide – makes precision straight and miter cuts from 0° to 45° left and right

Heavy Duty Arm – prevents flexing while keeping the blade aligned

Guard Baffle – reduces air turbulence to help keep water on the blade while removing excess water to limit misting and overspray

Optimized Water Nozzle System – 2 removable rubber nozzles maximize water efficiency to blade and provide easy maintenance

Plunging Head – allows controlled cuts for electrical outlets and HVAC registers

Beveling Head – accurately position the head to make 0° and 45° bevel cuts

Deep Well Wave Wall – creates barrier around pump well that extends pump life by blocking sediment from entering pump when in use

Submersible Pump – high volume pump provides water to the cutting wheel

Die-cast Aluminum Table – provides solid material support and measurement marks for added accuracy

Micro-cut Fence Support – helps prevent tile from cracking by supporting material at end of cut

Sealed Ball Bearing Rollers – smoothly guides table along precision extruded rails

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