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Ridgid K-750R Drum Machine

The K-750R is a self-contained drain cleaner ideal for lateral drain lines from 3″ to 6″ (75 mm to 150 mm). Easy-to-transport, narrow design for small entry ways and minimal setup make this machine ideal for tough mainline work. Comes equipped with a large blade assortment to handle numerous applications. Clears roots, debris and foreign objects out of main lines, storm drains, house laterals and leach lines.

3″ to 6″ (75 mm to 150 mm) Drain Lines


Clear access to drum allows immediate view of cable for inspection plus easier and faster cleaning of drum and cable.

Patented Cable Control System slows the drum, should cable or blade become completely lodged in blockage.

New integral-wound, solid core cable is tough and kink resistant. 5/8″ x 100′ (16 mm x 30.5 m).

Dual kickstands.

New torque limiter feature.

Lean, balanced design for easy one-man transport and operation.

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