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Ridgid HC-300 Hole Cutting Tool

The RIDGID® Model HC-300 Hole Cutting Tool is designed to cut holes up to 3″ (76 mm) diameter into steel pipe. The multiple hole size allows the use of fittings such as Mechanical T®, Vic-O-Let™, Weld-O-Let™ and others for branching unpressurized pipelines. An integral motor and gear reduction optimizes the performance and saw life. A single-feed handle and ON/OFF switch allows for easy operation. The Model HC-300 offers great features that translate into unparalleled field and shop performance.


Quick Connecting Two-piece Design – This unique design allows for easy mounting, transport and set up. This is particularly useful when working off a ladder or overhead.

Single-Hand Chain Latching – The Model HC-300 features a patented spring-loaded chain that saves time and significantly aids set up and operation.

Ergonomic Design – With all controls at the operator’s fingertips, the tool has been designed for maximum productivity.

High Speed – With a powerful 1.2 HP, 11 Amp motor, the Model HC-300 delivers 360 RPM to quickly bore holes while optimizing hole saw life.

Horizontal and Vertical Flats – Ensures perpendicular cutting.

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