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Metabo HPT CJ36DAQ4 MultiVolt 36V Brushless Jig Saw

Metabo HPT introduces MutliVolt™: a revolutionary power tool platform offering dual power source technology. Cordless or corded, MultiVolt gives you the choice to operate all MultiVolt tools either with a MultiVolt 36V battery or MultiVolt AC Adapter with cord. Get the power of a corded tool with the freedom of cordless. Also, no longer will production have to stop due to a drained battery. Just connect the AC Adapter with cord and keep working while the battery charges. You no longer need both a cordless and corded tool – MultiVolt™ is a one tool solution!

The Metabo HPT 36V MultiVolt™ Brushless Jig Saw (CJ36DAQ4) offers users best in class cutting performance both in the shop or on the jobsite. Low vibration enables smooth cutting, while a low startup speed ensures ease when aligning the blade to the cut line. When the saw is in use, an auto mode enables the speed to automatically switch from 1,400/min to 3,500 per minute, and the variable control feature helps maintain speed. As part of the MultiVolt line of tools, the CJ36DAQ4 can accept a 36V battery or plug into an outlet with the AC adapter!

Features of the 36V MultiVolt™ Cordless Jig Saw

4-stage orbital action – the blade moves slightly forward and into the workpiece on the upswing, then slightly backward on the downstroke as the blade resets for the next cutting stroke

Auto Mode – Under no-load, speed and vibration are reduced for easy alignment with the work material. Upon the start of cutting, the stroke changes to full speed automatically and speed is maintained

Variable speed control – Dial and variable switch enable to change stroke speed depending on working condition

Lock-On switch – Improves operation under continuous work

Lightweight – Bare tool weighs 5.5 lbs

Tool-less blade change – Allows for easy blade changes for the user

Lifetime Lithium Ion Tool Warranty

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