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Makita JS8000 Fiber Cement Shear

The Makita Fiber Cement Shear has a powerful motor with variable speed and precision machined blades to cut straight and contour lines quickly and quietly with less dust. The JS8000 is engineered for cutting fiber cement products and select exterior siding products.

6.5 AMPS of Power for Faster Cutting

The JS8000 features a 6.5 AMP motor that delivers 2,500 strokes per minute (SPM) for faster cutting. It has a single-piece cutting head machined from precisely-milled aircraft grade aluminum to a tolerance of 0.001” to ensure blades are consistently cutting at the optimum angle. The solid steel center and side shear blades cut straight and contour lines faster and quieter, with up to 5/16” cutting capacity. The half-inch protected spindle withstands heavy torque loads from the powerful Makita-built 6.5 AMP motor, while the lightweight cast aluminum gear housing and durable body casing make this tool jobsite tough.

Compact and Well-Balanced

The JS8000 weighs just 4.8 lbs. with an ergonomic, well-balanced rubberized pistol grip for better control and comfort. Other features include a variable speed trigger for controlled cutting speed, and a lock-on button for continuous use. The JS8000 also has a retractable clip to hang on a tool belt.

Versatile Design for a Range of Applications

The JS8000 is a powerful yet compact fiber cement shear engineered for a range of applications including drop-ins for sinks, flooring and showers, as well as exterior tasks like cut-to-length siding, gable angles and window openings.


Single-piece cutting head is machined from precisely milled aluminum to ensure blades cut straight

Solid steel blades cut clean, straight lines with a maximum cutting capacity up to 5/16″

Protected drive spindle withstands heavy torque loads from powerful 6.5 AMP motor

Large variable speed trigger with lock-on button for operator convenience

Ergonomically designed rubberized “pistol grip” for increased comfort

Cast aluminum gear housing for less weight and increased durability

Retractable tool hook allows user to work in tight spaces

8.2′ long power cord for operator convenience

Refined design at only 4.8 lbs. for improved handling

Cuts fiber cement quickly while producing less dust

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