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Grizzly Industrial G9953ZX Z Series Jointer with Spiral Cutterhead

The first thing that comes to mind when describing the Grizzly Ultimate 16″ Jointer is MASSIVE CAST IRON! Tipping the scales at 1650 pounds, this jointer features a solid cast-iron base, hardened and precision-ground cast-iron tables, a center-mounted cast-iron fence, and cast-iron table elevation handwheels. When smooth operation, large cutting capacity, and mirror-smooth finishes are high on your list of desirable features, rely on Grizzly to deliver!

For the ultimate in extreme-duty machines, the G9953ZX features a spiral, indexable-insert cutterhead. By using a spiral cutterhead, a cutting edge is always in contact with the workpiece, unlike a conventional straight-knife jointer. This provides for the finest finish available and a much quieter machine that’s unlike any other. The carbide inserts are not only replaceable, but each one can be rotated up to three times to expose a new sharp cutting edge. It’s like getting three blade changes for the price of one!


Parallelogram tables with handwheel adjustment

Precision-ground cast-iron tables

Heavy-duty center-mounted fence with stops at 45°, 90° and 135° and rack & pinion lateral adjustment

Pedestal-mounted switch for easy access

Magnetic switch with thermal overload protection

Solid cabinet stand with noise-dampening system

Twin V-belt drive

Pair of push blocks included

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