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Grizzly Industrial G0751 22 inch Heavy-Duty Drill Press

The G0751 22″ Heavy-Duty Drill Press is a fully-featured drill press that strikes a great balance between being heavy-duty and high-precision.

The spindle is fully reversible, features both coarse and fine downfeed controls, tapping controls that can be set for repeatable production and a digital read out.

The six spindle speeds range from 90–1970 RPM and are controlled by convenient levers in an oil-bath-lubricated and gear-driven headstock.

The head tilts 45° left or right. Both the head and table are mounted on separate rack-and-pinions, allowing them to rotate 360° and move up/down independently from each other. This provides plenty of “positioning freedom” when machining otherwise difficult to reach places.

The table features a built-in recycling coolant system, movement in all three paths and rotation around the column. The workpiece can be mounted on the base for those really big jobs.

The base and table are precision-ground and equipped with 7/16″ T-slots. The T-slots on the base provide an extra work-holding surface.

Like all Grizzly drill presses, the G0751 comes with a 1-year warranty which covers parts and assures the unit is free from factory defects. (Consumables are not covered by the warranty.)

The G0751 manual was written by our U.S. based Technical Documentation Department and is packed with useful information. The complete and easy-to-read manual makes it easier to assemble and maintain your drill press.

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