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Grizzly Industrial G0696X 12 inch 5 HP 220V Extreme Series Table Saw

For serious woodworkers, cabinet makers, and prduction shops that require industrial-level strength, power, and capacity, step it up to this Grizzly 5 HP 12″ cabinet saw with digital bevel readout. Of our 12″ saws, this is a more compact model, allowing you save space while still achieving 4″ max. depth of cut and 36″ rip capacity. Add to that, the massive precision-ground cast-iron table, worm-drive blade elevation, magnetic switch with thermal overload protection, and a host of features Grizzly machines are famous for, this table saw simply will not quit!


Digital readout for bevel angle

Precision-ground cast-iron table

Cast-iron trunnions

3/8″ x 3/4″ T-slots and miter gauge

Power transfer: Poly-V serpentine belt

Steel cabinet

Hinged motor cover

Magnetic switch with thermal overload protection and lock-out padlock

Certified to CSA & UL standards

Includes a 12″ x 60T blade and long-reach push stick

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