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Grizzly Industrial G0636X 17 inch 5 HP Ultimate Bandsaw

We designed this Ultimate 17″ bandsaw to compete directly against expensive high-end European bandsaws. After several years of research and development, we put together this amazing package that is a perfect blend of precision and muscle. It has all the features (and more) of comparable saws, but weighs nearly twice as much, meaning much more rigidity and vibration-absorbing mass than other 17″ bandsaws.


Resaw fence size: 6″ H x 23″ L

Foot brake stop

Two 4″ dust ports

Micro-adjusting rack & pinion table tilt

Rack & pinion upper guide adjustment

Blade tension indicator

Blade tracking window

Precision-ground cast-iron table

Height scale measurement

Deluxe cast-iron fence with extruded aluminum resaw fence

Fence adjusts for blade lead

Fence includes scale & magnifying window

Miter gauge included

Quick-release blade tensioning

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