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Grizzly Industrial G0568 24 inch 5 HP Industrial Bandsaw

Our 24″ Industrial Bandsaws are loaded with features not found in saws costing much more. You will appreciate the two 4″ dust ports when you put the power and speed of this saw to the test. The ball-bearing blade guides ensure accurate cutting, and the quick-release blade tension makes changing blades a breeze. Our exclusive rack-and-pinion table tilt makes accurate angle cuts easy, while also adding additional support to the table for those realy big workpieces. The conveniently mounted foot brake, blade guard with scale, and removable safety key are features you will be glad to have.


Foot pedal brake

Two built-in 4″ dust ports

Quick-change blade release/tensioner

Rack-and-pinion table tilt mechanism

Blade height measurement scale

Ball-bearing blade guides provide rigid, positive side support

Balanced cast-iron wheels

Convenient blade tension scale

Rack-and-pinion upper guide adjustment

Includes precision-ground cast-iron fence, 1″ hook blade, and miter gauge

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