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Grizzly G1033Z 20 inch 5 HP Planer

For more than 30 years Grizzly has offered the G1033 lineup complete with the key features and trouble-free operation required to turn out high quality workpieces.

The G1033Z features a 20” planing capacity and 4 high-speed steel knives on the 3-1/4” cutterhead.

The power is transferred from the 5 HP motor to the cutterhead by a triple v-belt design. This ensures maximum power connection to the cutterhead and the feed drive.

The precision-ground and polished cast-iron infeed and outfeed tables shine with a mirror-like finish. In total they measure 58” long front to back for the ultimate in workpiece support.

The dual bed rollers allow your workpiece to move smoothly along the table at either 28 FPM or 16 FPM. The two-speed gearbox is easily adjusted using the feed rate control knob.

The built-in chip deflector leads directly into the dust hood with a 5” dust port to help ensure the work area stays as clear as possible.


Precision-ground cast-iron table and extension wings

Board return rollers

Adjustable bed rollers

Magnetic switch with thermal overload protection

Two feed speeds for rough and finish planing

Triple belt drive

Heavy-duty cast-iron construction

Anti-kickback fingers

Powder coated finish

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