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Grizzly G0603X 25 inch 15 HP 3-Phase Extreme-Series Planer with Helical Cutterhead

The G0603X 25″ 3-Phase Extreme Duty Planer has an incredible 15 HP motor to make quick work of those big planing jobs.

The G0603X features a unique helical cutterhead with 174 inserts rotated at 15° for smooth shearing cuts, minimized tearout, a smoother finish, and operating at lower noise levels.

The motorized table is great for making large thickness changes. Simply push the up or down control for fast elevation changes.

The highly programmable digital control has a convenient readout so you always know what thickness the planer is set on.

Simply enter a desired thickness on the easy-to-use keypad and the planer adjusts the table to your entry.

The segmented chip breaker leads directly into the dust hood with a 5” dust port to help ensure the work area stays as clear as possible.

No more thickness gauges or guesswork. This planer delivers accurate cuts.


Digitally controlled table elevation

Segmented chip breaker

5″ dust port

Micro-adjustable table height

Serrated steel infeed roller

Finished steel outfeed roller

Adjustable bed rollers

Easy-access cutterhead

3-Speed (20, 25, 30) feed Rate

Inch/metric readout

Precision-ground cast-iron table

Emergency stop button

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