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Grizzly G0458Z 18 inch 1.5 HP Open-End Drum Sander with VS Feed

The G0458Z 18″ 1-1/2 HP Variable-Speed Open-End Drum Sander offers a lot of versatility and a huge sanding capacity in a small amount of floor space. Sand stock up to 36″ wide and 4-1/2″ thick!

Unlike other open-end drum sanders, the table moves up and down instead of the head, meaning the drum support is much more rigid during sanding operations, giving you more consistent results.

The precision control of the electronic variable-speed conveyor allows you to find the perfect feed rate up to 12 feet per minute (FPM).

The dual-speed 4″sanding drum rotates at 2600 FPM and 3400 FPM, depending on the belt position on the pulleys.

Changing the sandpaper is easy and straightforward. Simply remove the top cover for unobstructed access.

With the G0458Z, you can run wide stock through two or three times without adjusting table height. Turn stock 180° between passes to ensure an evenly sanded surface.


Motor: 1-1/2 HP, 120V, single-phase, 13A

Drum surface speed: 2600 FPM and 3400 FPM

Conveyor feed rate: variable, 0-12 FPM

Maximum stock dimensions: 36″W x 4-1/2″H

Minimum board length: 6″

Minimum board thickness: 1/8″

Sanding drum size: 4″

Dust collection port: 4″

Overall size: 35-1/2″ W x 22-1/2″ D x 50″ H

Approximate shipping weight: 235 lbs.


Two spring-loaded pressure rollers

V-belt drive

Steel construction

18″ x 44-1/2″ abrasive conveyor belt

Electronic variable-speed conveyor

Stationary drum headstock

Safety switch with removable key

Uses 3″ wide sandpaper (100 grit included)

Easy access for sandpaper changes

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