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Bosch GTC400C 12V Max Connected Thermal Camera

The Bosch GTC400C 12V Max Connected Thermal Camera is easy to use, determining temperatures in seconds and documenting the results with convenience. Featuring a large illuminated color display, it delivers a 160×120 thermal graphic image accurate to ±3° C, setting the standard for detailed thermal resolution. It features simple operation; just squeeze the trigger to shoot image, and use the click wheel for the functions. The thermal graphic image features more than 19,000 measurement points for precision, showing hot and cold spots, the temperature at the center and an adjustable temperature scale. The integrated visual camera records actual images, so the user can document the work area visually as well as thermally. This allows side-by-side comparison, picture-in-picture and overlay of picture and thermal graphic. It can store up to 500 images. It’s powered by the Bosch 12V Max battery platform for professional runtime. The user can then transfer the thermal documentation to a device with Bluetooth® or WiFi hotspot with GTC software. The camera discloses problems in real time, without stopping production, and it is ideal for insulation, heater and radiator, windows and more.


Fast thermal camera operation – detects temperature anomalies in seconds by just squeezing the trigger and freezing the image

Large illuminated color display – features a 160×120 thermal resolution, setting the standard for detailed thermal resolution

Integrated camera – records actual images with thermal graphic images, for side-by-side comparison, picture-in-picture and more

Precision imaging – has more than 19,000 measurement points, showing hot and cold spots, center temperature and adjustable temperature scale

Image memory – stores up to 500 images, both thermal graphic images and visual pictures

12V Max Lithium-ion power – features long runtime for complex jobs

Bluetooth® and WiFi hotspot connectivity – enables transfer of documentation to a smart phone or tablet

Jobsite-tough construction – withstands difficult jobsite conditions, and is IP53 rated

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