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Dewalt D25951K 29 lbs. SDS MAX Demolition Hammer

Our 29 lbs. SDS MAX Demolition Hammer boasts a hard-hitting German-engineered mechanism. It delivers constant speed, so it maintains impacts under load, even in the hardest concrete. Plus, with the SHOCKS Active Vibration Control® technology, it reduces vibrations the user feels for longer work intervals with less fatigue.This tool comes Tag Ready(TM), so users and companies can attach the DEWALT Tag(TM) and track its location virtually anywhere via the DEWALT Tool Connect(TM) app.


SDS MAX bits are the most commonly used drilling and demolition bits found on a jobsite.

Protects users from the effects of vibration, including numbness and tingling in the hands, allowing them to get work done more quickly with less fatigue.

Maintains speed under heavy loads, including in higher PSI concrete, allowing the user to get the job done faster.

Attach a DEWALT® Tag to the housing in the labeled area with adhesive to track your tool inventory from the DEWALT Tool Connect app.

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