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STIHL iMOW RMI 422 PC-L Robotic Lawn Mower

The STIHL RMI 422 PC-L Series iMOW® robotic mower introduces a higher level of convenience for homeowners without sacrificing quality or performance. A host of intelligent features —including automatically adjusting to terrain and relying on sensors to navigate obstacles —ensures iMOW delivers performance and precision. With the ability to handle slopes up to 22°, the RMI 422 PC-L is designed to cut yards up to ¼ acre in about 17 hours per week. AT&T LTE connectivity allows you to conveniently monitor and control the iMOW robotic lawn mower via your smartphone or tablet. Designed for safety, the RMI 422 PC-L automatically shuts down if flipped or lifted. Intelligent charging and scheduling mean it gets the job done regardless of the weather and it stays charged without having to remember to plug it in. Designed to fit your lifestyle and schedule, iMOW means less time mowing and more time doing what you enjoy.

Mows Evenly Across All Areas – iMow® can be programmed to mow a variety of yard layouts (like a front or back yard).

A Beautiful Lawn in Every Way – iMow® has an edge mowing option to get a clean cut along the edges of your mowing area.

Quiet – iMow® mows so quietly, your neighbors will hardly notice it’s there. Plus, iMow® emits no exhaust emissions while working.

Dealer Installation -You’ll get the personal advice and professional installation you need, right from the start, from your STIHL iMow® Dealer.

LTE Connectivity – Connect to iMOW® via AT&T LTE cellular network.

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