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STIHL FC 70 Professional Edger

The STIHL FC 70 professional edger features advanced fuel-saving technology and cutting-edge performance. Once you start edging, you’ll notice how comfortable its curved-shaft design is, as well as its excellent balance. The FC 70 is powered by a low-emission and fuel-efficient engine, saving you time and money with longer run times and fewer refuels. You can even select your preferred cutting depth with its easy-to-adjust depth wheel. Best of all, this edger is made to last, featuring a high-durability, forged connecting rod. This lawn edger is a great choice for home, farm or professional use.

Skid Plate – All STIHL edgers come equipped with a skid plate to protect the gearbox during use.

Adjustable Depth Wheel – The feature allows the user to easily adjust the wheel to the desired cutting depth for creating precision cuts.

Stop Switch – With the Stop Switch, the equipment’s ignition is always ready for starting. Products with this feature shut off easily by pressing and holding down the switch. When the switch is released, it returns to the start position automatically, reducing the number of steps needed to start the product.

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