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Skil ME9821-00 65 ft. Laser Measurer with Wheel

This compact laser measurement tool can record distances up to 65 feet. Use the intuitive controls to access distance and continuous measuring modes, or to calculate area. Need to measure a curved or uneven surface? Use the wheel measuring mode instead like a laser tape measure. Plus, you can easily toggle between imperial and metric with the press of a button. Now you can measure with ease and convenience with a laser distance measure from SKIL.

What’s Included: Laser measurer

POINT & CLICK LASER DISTANCE MEASURING—Measure distances up to 65 feet, use continuous measuring to find a target distance, and calculate area on the fly.

WHEEL MEASURING MODE—Easily measure uneven and curved surfaces with wheel measuring.

BACKLIT LCD SCREEN—Easy-to-read screen clearly displays mode and measurements in real time.

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