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Shop Fox W1807 Heavy Duty Shaper

This heavy-duty 7-1/2 HP tilting-spindle shaper has got it all: A -5° to +45° spindle tilt with highly accurate dial-type angle scale, precision-ground cast-iron table with vertical and horizontal hold-downs, split micro-adjustable fence, a huge sealed dust removal chamber below the table with a separate dust hood and port above the cutter, quick and easy spindle speed change system, and a large 10″ maximum cutter capacity. Just as you’d expect from an industrial machine, the W1807 is built from the ground up with the dependability to run all day long. Extras include three different table inserts, heavy-duty miter gauge, and 7 spindle spacers.


Motor: 7-1/2 HP, 220V/440V, 3-phase, 3450 RPM, 20A/10A

Spindle travel: 6-5/8″

Spindle tilt: -5° to +45°

Spindle size: 1-1/4″

Max. cutter height: 6″

Spindle length: 7″

Spindle openings: 2-3/4″, 6″, 9-3/4″, 13-3/4″ without insert

Spindle speeds: 3900, 5000, 7200, 9400 RPM

Max. cutter diameter: 10″

Table counterbore: 13-3/4″

Precision-ground cast-iron table size: 47-1/4″ x 35-1/2″ x 3-1/8″

Floor-to-table height: 34-1/4″

Approximate shipping weight: 996 lbs.


Two-year warranty!!

Fence: cast-iron, independently adjustable

Switch: magnetic with thermal overload protection

Micro-adjustable fence

Precise dial-scale-indicated spindle tilt

Front-mounted spindle lock

Four spindle speeds

Two 5″ dust ports

Includes heavy-duty miter gauge

Spindle spacers, hold-down assemblies, and table inserts

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