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Shop Fox W1744 12 inch Heavy-Duty Jointer with Adjustable Beds

With its big cast-iron fence, 83″ long table and 12″ cutting width, this large-capacity Jointer makes edge-jointing and face-planing a breeze. Its parallelogram table adjustment design ensures tables stay perfectly aligned with each other throughout their vertical range and a half-ton of cast-iron mass dampens any motor vibration for perfect results every time.


Magnetic switch with thermal overload protection

Shielded & lubricated bearings

Parallelogram design, precision-ground cast-iron tables

Fully adjustable tables

Single V-belt drive

Easy access lever adjustable tables with height gauge

Heavy-duty center mounted fence with angle gauge

Built-in dust chute with 4″ port

Powder-coated finish

Large recessed handwheels

CSA certified version of this machine may be available upon request.

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