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Shop Fox W1690 3-Speed Ceiling-Mounted Air Filter

This is an essential machine for any shop. Rest easy knowing that this little guy is helping to filter out tiny dust particles that can make big messes.

Made in an ISO 9001 Factory


Motor: 1/5 HP, 115V, 1725 RPM, single-phase

Motor amperage: 2A, 2-1/2A, 3A

Motor speeds: 750, 960, 1200 RPM

Fan sound rating: 62 dB, 67 dB, 69 dB

Air flow: 556, 702, 1044 CFM

Outer primary filter: 5 micron, pleated type

Inner secondary filter: 1 micron, bag type

Unit dimensions: 30-1/4″L x 24-1/8″W x 12-1/8″H

Approximate shipping weight: 78 lbs.

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