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Shop Fox W1687 3 HP Dust Collector

The increased air suction capacity of the Shop Fox W1687 3 HP Dust Collector will allow you to build a bigger and more complex dust collection system with room to spare.

The double collection setup means less downtime emptying and shaking out bags, which means you’ll be able to spend more time actually making the dust!

For wood dust only.

Models manufactured after June 2015 come with a 2.5 micron felt upper filtration and a plastic (PE) lower collection bag.

The upper 2.5 micron bag (D4572) and lower plastic bags (D4573-5pk) can be purchased separately for any collectors that do not include them.


Motor: 3 HP, 240V, single phase, 12A

Air suction capacity: 2830 CFM

Static pressure: 14.4

Impeller: 13″ aluminum, radial fin

Max inlet size: 8″

Inlet adapter: 4-way x 4″ inlets

Bag size:19″Dia. x 33″Depth

Height (with bags inflated): 78″

Bag capacity: 10.8 cubic feet

Standard bag filtration: 2.5 micron

Approximate shipping weight: 167 lbs.

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