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Ridgid RT1000 Tapping Tool

The Model RT1000 Mini Tapping Tool is ideal for branching pressurized water lines. With 1″ tapping capacity and the ability to drill into most pipe materials, the lightweight compact and corrosion-resistant design of the RT1000 is the perfect tool for branching pressurized pipe when system shut down is out of the question.


Compact and lightweight, the tool is great for tight quarters and awkward locations.

Sturdy machined construction and corrosion-resistant materials combine to provide dependable lifelong operation.

Independent cutter feed mechanism gives the operator full control of drilling to optimize cutter performance and service life.

Taps steel, cast iron, ductile iron and plastic pipe.

Coupon retaining bits give you the confidence that the coupon will not be dropped in the pipe, preventing medium contamination or possible damage of downstream equipment.

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