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Ridgid Power-Driven 916 Roll Groover

The RIDGID® Model 916 Roll Groover is the most durable and efficient lightweight portable unit available. Built with a solid, durable cast-iron housing, it withstands heavy usage, yet is light enough for easy transportation. The 916 features a patented single stroke feed mechanism that allows for accurate operation quickly and effortlessly.


Specifically designed for field service roll grooving applications.

Quick and easy mount to RIDGID 300 Power Drive, 535 or 300 Compact Threading Machines.

Cam-type feed actuation – translates into minimum operator effort to form roll grooves.

Depth adjustment screw separate from feed mechanism allows for consistent groove depth.

Lightweight for easy transport and storage.

Integral feed handle is part of overall unit. No extra tools required.

Easy serviceability – drive and groove rolls are easy to change.

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