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Ridgid B-500 Transportable Pipe Beveller

The B-500 Transportable Pipe Beveller produces high quality bevels in 45 seconds* without flames or sparks. The compact design quickly mounts to pipe 4” and up with a maximum wall thickness of 1/2”, and creates consistent bevels in a single pass. *Timed on a 10” Schedule 40 Pipe.


Set-up and bevel 10″ diameter schedule 40 pipe in 45 seconds!

Pipe is cool to touch immediately following bevelling.


Accurate bevel angle around diameter of the pipe allows for optimal number of cover passes.

Adjustable land width from 0″ to 3/16″ to fit welders’ requirements.

Produces a machined finish due to 6 replaceable cutter inserts working simultaneously.


Fast to set-up and operate.

Patent-pending clamp system firmly secures tool to the pipe.

Speed monitoring with led indicators for optimal cutter performance.

Grinding spark free operation.

Adjustable at 1/32″ increments

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