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Metabo HPT W6VM Drywall Screwdriver

The W6VM 0-6,000 RPM Drywall Screwdriver uses drywall screws to fasten metal studs and drywall and uses hex and teks screws for fastening metal to metal and metal to wood. Applications include interior construction such as installation of ceilings, paneling or partitions, exterior construction such as installation of siding on buildings, installation of galvanized iron sheet or corrugated sheet roofing and plate assembly such as assembly of advertising billboards and automobile stamped sections.

Same Tools, New Name. Metabo HPT is the new brand name for Koki Holdings America-formerly part of the Hitachi Group.

Powerful 6.6 Amp motor running at 6,000 RPM

Excellent for high-speed screw applications

Silent clutch lowers noise level to 76 dB

Removable nose-piece for easy bit replacement and adjustment

Belt hook, convenient for between use

3.1 lbs, lightweight for ease of use and maneuverability

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