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Metabo HPT VB16Y Portable Rebar Bender and Cutter

Metabo HPT’s VB16Y Portable Rebar Cutter and Bender offers jobsite simplicity, precision, and portability promising to dramatically reduce the cost of on-site rebar installation. Unlike other machines on the market, the VB16Y can both bend and cut rebar and is easily transportable. The job site has now gotten easier for the contractor who needs to be able to quickly and efficiently bend and cut rebar on a daily basis.

Covered by Metabo HPT’s Professional 5-Year Tool Warranty

Same Tools, New Name. Metabo HPT is the new brand name for Koki Holdings America – formerly part of the Hitachi Group.

8 Amp motor, intense power (530W) that it uniformly bends up to No.5 (3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″) Grade 60 rebar at a maximum angle of 180 degrees

Variable speed trigger with safety lock provides manual-like precision and control over the bending speed

Cuts up to #5 rebar

Reference markings on bending plate provide for easy position adjustment

Precision angle bends are preset and completed in just seconds (cut: 3.1 seconds, bend: 5.1 seconds) for consistency

With the turn of a pre-set dial, easily make rebar bends in a variety of angles

Extremely low profile design (18.4″L x 8.5″H x 9.1″W), yet extremely stable

39.7 lbs, portable design facilitates maneuverability and ease of use

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