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Makita SK104Z Self‑Leveling Horizontal and Vertical Cross‑Line Laser

Lasers are typically utilized in the early stages of construction, and measurement needs will vary based on application requirements. The Makita Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser (SK104Z) gives the user horizontal and vertical reference lines required in leveling and aligning applications. It has a fast self-leveling time, achieving stability within 3 seconds for increased productivity. For work on uneven surfaces, the self-leveling is correctable to up to 4 degrees of slope. Depending on ambient light in the working environment, the SK104Z has a line visibility range up to 50′.

For added durability, the SK104Z has recessed laser windows that are highly protected from fracture damage and drops, and the full over-sized rubber over-mold provides increased protection. For added convenience, the multi-purpose magnetic bracket allows for attachment to a tripod with a ¼” or 5/8” thread, or to metal and wood objects.


Line visibility range up to 50’ depending on ambient light in working environment

Accuracy – horizontal/vertical lines (+/- 1/8” @ 30’)

Fast self-leveling time; stability is achieved in 3 seconds for increased productivity

Self-leveling is correctable up to 4º of slope allowing operation on uneven surfaces

Bright 635 nm class II laser for best-in-class visibility in moderate ambient light environment

Laser line fan length spans well past 90° position to provide 180° horizontal line and 120° vertical line for full reference line coverage in demanding applications

Integrated pendulum lock enables slope incline applications for increased versatility

Pulse mode conserves and extends battery life for increased operation time in low light environments

Delivers up to 35 hours of continuous run time operation

Three independent mode functions conserve power by allowing battery power usage only when needed to operate the necessary functions

Recessed laser windows are highly protected from fracture damage in slot positions for increased durability

Full oversized rubber over-mold for increased protection

Pendulum lock offers added protection of laser diode during transport and storage

Dust and water resistance with IP 54 rating for increased durability

Simplified two button user interface for ease of operation

Multi-purpose magnetic bracket allows for attachment to a tripod with a 1/4” & 5/8” thread or to metal and wood objects

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