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Makita PM7650H MM4 4‑Stroke Engine Mist Blower

The Makita MM4® 4-Stroke Engine Mist Blower is powerful and efficient solution for landscape contractors, orchardists, pest control professionals, farmers, and groundskeepers, and more. The PM7650H is equipped with a 75.6 cc 3.67 HP commercial-duty engine for efficient spray dispersion. Unlike 2-stroke engine models, the efficient Makita MM4® 4-stroke engine runs on straight gas and requires no fuel mixing.

At 3.9 gallons, the PM7650H has the largest chemical tank capacity in the category. It is ideal for application of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and liquid fertilizers for more efficient mosquito control, weed control, livestock insect control, and more.

The PM7650H has a single-action on/off switch to activate liquid chemical flow, with a spray range of 52 feet (horizontal). It has a 61 oz. fuel tank with large openings for longer run time and easy refueling.

For user comfort, the MM4® Mist Blower has heavy-duty padded shoulder straps, anti-vibration mounts between the frame and engine to help reduce vibration on the user, and an L-shaped chemical tank to lower the center of gravity for improved balance. Hard-starting engines can cause unnecessary fatigue, frustration and delay. The PM7650H is equipped with mechanical automatic engine decompression for quicker and easier starts.

An added feature is the blower function. By turning off the spray valve, the PM7650H can be used for blower applications. This is ideal for concrete and other applications that require debris removal prior to liquid chemical dispersal.


L-shaped chemical tank lowers center of gravity for improved balance

Single action switch to activate liquid chemical flow

Liquid chemical in tank is automatically mixed by intake air flow for uniform solution concentration

Powerful fuel efficient 75.6 cc (3.67 HP), MM4® 4-stroke, commercial duty engine

Mechanical automatic engine decompression for quick and easy start-ups

Large damper springs mounted between engine and frame reduce vibration

Padded shoulder straps retain their shape for easier re-shouldering

Large capacity air filter is replaceable and easily accessible

Compact design with less weight (13.3 lbs)

61 oz. fuel tank with large openings for longer run time and easy refueling

Oil filling port and drain plug are easily accessible for faster maintenance

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