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Makita GS5000 Straight Grinder

The 5” Straight Grinder, model GS5000, features an elongated body design with straight grinding wheel position and is engineered for applications in hard-to-reach spaces. It is ideal for metal grinding, paint and rust removal, ship and yard maintenance, steel grinding and cutting, body work, smoothing weld beads, and more. The GS5000 is powered by a Makita-built 7 AMP motor with 5,600 RPM for demanding applications. The spiral bevel gears are engineered for smoother rotation and a more efficient transfer of energy. Convenience features include a “tool-less” guard cap removal for quick wheel changes, and externally accessible brushes for easier service-ability.

The GS5000 has three key dust and debris defense features. Labyrinth construction is a series of channels engineered to capture dust and debris, and prevents contaminants from penetrating the gear box and main bearing. Makita’s unique “zig zag” application pattern is a more innovative option than simply covering the coils with epoxy, as the zig-zag pattern allows space for heat to escape, yet at the same time forms a solid barrier under rotation to prevent debris from attaching. The dust-sealed drive bearing is a spring-loaded metal seal that helps prevent dust and debris penetration.


Rubberized handle for increased operator comfort

“Tool-less” guard cap removal for more convenient wheel changes

Spiral bevel gears for smoother rotations and a more efficient transfer of energy

Externally accessible brushes for easier serviceability

Zig-zag varnish protects the armature coil by deflecting dust and debris for longer motor life

Labyrinth construction helps prevent dust and debris from penetrating the main bearing or gear box

Spring loaded sealed drive bearing is engineered to help prevent dust and debris from penetrating drive bearing

Rubberized gear housing for increased operator comfort

Larger cooling fan and blades pull more air through the motor to help maintain lower operating temperature

Ideal for metal fabrication and pipe welders

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