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Makita AT2550A 16 Gauge Wide Crown Stapler

The Makita 1″ Wide Crown Stapler (model AT2550A) combines ease-of-use and performance in a compact size. The AT2550A has a top-loading magazine that accepts 16 ga. 1″ staples (accepts 1″ to 2” staple length). Jammed nails are easily cleared by opening the quick-release cam-lock on the nose assembly. The AT2550A has a compact size and weighs only 5.1 lbs. for all-day use. Additional convenience features include a hook that allows the tool to remain close-by but never in the way, and a multi-directional exhaust port that directs exhaust air away from the user.


Depth adjustment engineered for more precise flush and countersink finish

Quick release cam-lock opens nose assembly to clear jammed staples, minimizing downtime

Built-in air filter minimizes dust and debris from entering tool

Ideal for lathing, roofing and sheathing

Top-loading magazine allows operator to quickly load 16 gauge, 1″ wide crown staples from 1″ to 2″ in length

Rugged aluminum magazine has large holding capacity (up to 140 staples)

Rubber bumpers protect the tool and surface from damage

Compact with less weight for all day use

Multi-directional exhaust port directs exhaust air away from operator

Rubberized handle for better fit and added comfort

Hook allows tool to remain close by but never in the way

Minimum recommended air delivery of 3.0 SCFM @ 90PSI

3-year limited warranty

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