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Makita AN923 Framing Nailer

The Makita 3-1/2” Framing Nailer (model AN923) combines rugged construction and robust performance with ease-of-use features for commercial framing applications. The AN923 is engineered for a range of applications including framing walls, floors, and roofs, construction of sub-flooring, roof and floor decking, floor and wall sheathing/siding. It is ideal for framers, roofers and carpenters.

The AN923 accepts full round-head nails, 2” – 3-1/2”, with .113 – .162 shank diameter (plastic or wire collated). The 3-mode selector switch (bump, sequential, lock) provides increased convenience, while the “tool-less” depth adjustment offers nine settings to drive nails to a precise level on the wood’s surface. The AN923 is engineered for longer tool life and ease-of-use, with a built-in air filter to minimize dust and debris from entering, as well as a back-pressure function which clears debris out of the tool when the pressurized hose is released. Additional features include the convenient two-step loading procedure to ensure a fast re-load with minimal downtime, sharp spurs on the nose engineered to grip wood, and rubber hand-grips to provide more comfortable handling.


3-Mode selector switch (contact, sequential, lock) allows user control over nailing options

Large capacity air chamber for increased power to drive nails varying in length from 2″ to 3-1/2″

Built-in air filter minimizes dust and debris from entering tool

Anti-dry mechanism stops tool when three nails remain in the magazine

Solid rear-loading aluminum magazine for longer life

Drives up to 3-1/2″ x .162″ (16d) nails

“Tool-less” depth adjustment engineered for more precise flush and countersink nailing

Retractable hook allows tool to remain close by but never in the way

Sharp, pronounced spurs grip wood for controlled nailing at an angle

Rubber bumpers protect the tool and surface from damage

Multi-directional exhaust port directs exhaust air away from operator

Rubber grips for better control and comfortable handling

Minimum recommended air delivery of 5.1 SCFM @ 90PSI

3-year limited warranty

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