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Grizzly Industrial G0656X Jointer with Spiral Cutterhead

This is the 8″ spiral cutterhead jointer you’ve been waiting for! With its extra-long 6-foot cast-iron bed with dovetailed ways and precision handwheel controls for each table, this investment will serve you well whether you’re running a busy shop or you’re just fanatical about your woodworking hobby! This jointer will make your work a true joy with features like a built-in mobile base to make it easy to move around the shop, a heavy-duty cast-iron fence with rack & pinion lateral control, and an easy-to-reach pedestal-mounted power switch with an extra large shut-off paddle. Plus you get the benefit of a 4-row spiral cutterhead with 40 indexable carbide inserts that can each be rotated to expose a new sharp edge. No more sharpening dull knives!


Extra-long 72-1/2″ bed

Handwheel-adjustable, precision-ground, cast-iron, dovetailed-way infeed and outfeed tables

Easy-to-reach, pedestal-mounted switch with large shut-off paddle

Center-mounted cast-iron fence with rack & pinion lateral adjustment

Fence stops at 45°, 90° & 135°

Heavy-duty cabinet stand with built-in mobile base

Rabbeting table

Pair of push blocks included

Knife-setting jig included

Shielded & lubricated bearings

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