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Grizzly H2934 37 inch 20 HP 3-Phase Double Head Wide-Belt Sander

The G0447 37″ 20 HP 3-Phase Double Head Wide-Belt Sander features dual heads enabling them to sand to finer grits in a single pass!

The first belt runs on a single drum and the rear belt runs on a platen system which allows you to adjust the sanding depth.

The digital readout displays the table height in increments of 0.005″ for super-accurate results.

The feed rate is easily adjusted by turning the feed rate dial on the feed belt gear box.

The amperage draw meter, located above the control panel, monitors the amperage draw on the machine while performing sanding operations.

If you are still sanding through two different grit levels using a single head wide-belt sander you are not being the most efficient.


Sanding motor HP: 20 HP, 220V/440V* (prewired 220V), 3-phase, 50.3A/25.1A

Conveyor motor HP: 1 HP, 3.4A/1.7A

Table lift motor HP: 1/4 HP, 1.2A/0.6A

Maximum board width: 36-1/2″

Maximum board thickness: 6″

Minimum board length: 14″

Minimum board thickness: 3/16″

Front drum surface speed: 3500 FPM

Rear drum surface speed: 2600 FPM

Conveyor speed: 14–60 FPM

Sanding belt size: 37″ x 60″

Air requirement: 57 – 75 PSI, 12.3 CFM

Dust ports: 6

Footprint: 52″ x 31″

Overall dimensions: 59-1/2″ W x 54″ L x 71-1/2″ H

Approx. shipping weight: 2461 lbs.

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