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Grizzly G5394 Stroke Sander

Sand doors, wide boards, and panels with ease. This large capacity Stroke Sander can handle heavy stock removal, yet still excel at fine finishing. The manually operated platen slides on ball-bearing rollers to make it simple for you to apply just the right amount of pressure at just the right spot. The table has 24″ of vertical travel and 18″ of lateral travel. With its huge capacity, versatile table, and 3 HP 220V motor, this Stroke Sander is truly a coveted piece of equipment in the production shop!


Sliding ways travel on ball bearings

Table elevation is handwheel operated

Fully adjustable belt tracking and tension

Two 4″ dust ports

Platen handle swivels left and right


Motor: 3 HP, 220V, single-phase, 1725 RPM, 17A

Table Size: 58″ x 23-3/4″

Table vertical travel: 24″

Platen horizontal travel: 59″

Table lateral travel: 18″

Sanding belt size: 6″ x 186″

Belt speed: 3500 SFPM

Drive roller diameter: 8″

Approx. shipping weight: 725 lbs.

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